For boys and girls age 12 to 18 years
and from September 2015 also from age 4

Strada del Fortino 20 TORINO tel. 349 9021861 ekodanceproject@gmail.com

      We study ballet with a modern mind!


Pompea Santoro, one of the most important dancers in the World of contemporary Dance. For 25 years has danced in the most prestigious theaters with Cullberg Ballet founded by Birgit Cullberg, a company famous not only for its choreographer Mats Ek, but also for the quality of its technically outstanding dancers with a background both classical and contemporary at the highest level. Ek inspired Pompea for more than 30 years and this has led it to develop and to better understand the logic of classical dance. A technique that does not stop to a style, but like an echo expands by opening infinite possibilities. L.E.N.A.C. Logical, Expressive, Natural, Arms Coordination.

For optimal training, in addition to the classic technique, we study the classical and contemporary repertoire and occasionally improvisation and composition. Great Artists and Choreographers will be involved to hold workshops and master classes on the studied variations.

Thanks to collaborations with major companies  and Accademies there will be possibilities for the students to visits the most prestigious European companies and Accademies.

In addition to the practical study of the various choreographic styles it is also provided hours devoted to fundamental theory and to the English language today for a well-prepared student.

The  Parents can ALWAYS attend classes.

There will be performances  in the end of the season when the students will be deemed ready for it. NOT every year as they take away valuable time to the study.